That’s a wrap (on interior)

We have spent three glorious days shooting the interior scenes for Soul Funk Mixtape – and finished in good time on Sunday.

On thursday evening we had a blank canvass with which to dress the set as a (slightly) abandoned flat. Within hours a transformation from empty hall to chic apartment meant that when the crew and cast arrived on Friday morning we were able to light the thing up and get ready for the first shot.

The entire crew worked marvellously and we rattled through the shots at a good pace. All weekend there were tweaks to lighting, pauses for the crow chorus, motivational pick-me-up’s, mellow drama, slices of fried gold (from the two actors, who were absolutely gorgeous and superb) and tea. Plenty of tea.

So we have footage for the interior and a Badgers Arse cut will be made in preparation for a couple of the exterior scenes to get shot and assembled – and then the post production fun begins 🙂

All in all, a fantastic shoot, that went smoothly and we captured some great footage. It is gonna be quite a wonder, I tell you!

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